A bakery in the western United States installed a catalytic oxidizer for the abatement of volatile organic compounds. The primary source of emissions at a commercial bakery is the oven, which produces VOCs from the release of compounds formed in the yeast fermentation process.

Catalytic Products International designed and installed the 10,000-scfm catalytic oxidizer, which will destroy the exhaust gases emitted from a new multi-zone tunnel oven with greater than 98 percent VOC destruction rate efficiency and a high thermal rate of efficiency.

According to CPI, the Vector CatOx is specifically designed to manage the high moisture, fats, oils and greases present in bakery oven exhaust. To address the high moisture content of the exhaust streams and the potential for corrosion, all wetted surfaces including the exhaust stack, inlet ducting, dampers and booster fan were constructed of stainless steel.

CPI worked closely with the bakery to provide a complete turnkey installation including engineering, design and supply of the oxidizer. The roof-mounted installation and related equipment included process exhaust ductwork, dampers, booster fan, exhaust stack, electrical installation, numerous access doors and spare parts.