Lewco Inc. delivered a walk-in oven to a manufacturer in the defense industry. The electrically heated oven, which is rated for a maximum temperature of 350°F (175°C), is used for preheating various parts to 165°F (74°C).

The oven is supplied with a top-mounted heater box, and a high efficiency circulation fan delivers dual airflow evenly throughout the workspace. The air inside the oven is filtered to ensure no combustible materials get pulled into the heaters. The filters are washable and accessible from the oven workspace. A differential pressure gauge was included so operators can monitor when the filters need cleaning.

Controls include a Watlow F4T temperature controller and redundant high limit controller, which provides precise temperature control and overtemperature protection. This controller has capabilities such as ramp/soak programming, data logging and Ethernet communications. The air purge system is interlocked with the main control panel and will disconnect if there is a loss of air pressure.