An electrically heated batch oven will be used by an aerospace manufacturer for curing composite materials.

Wisconsin Oven built and shipped the oven, which is designed to meet the requirements of AMS 2750F, Class 2 furnaces and Instrumentation Type A. The unit has a maximum operating temperature of 300°F. OSHA-compliant railings around the roof permiter along with two OSHA-compliant ladders, self-closing gates and safety cages were included to allow complete roof access.

The composite curing oven has sufficient capacity to heat and cool 20,000 lb of steel and composite material. The airflow arrangement maximizes heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product by supplying air to the work chamber through ductwork located along the length and on each side of the work chamber, near the bottom of the chamber, to ensure that the air passes past the product on the way back to the heater house. Temperature uniformity of ±10°F at setpoints 120°F and 260°F was documented with a 45-point profile test in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions.