Thermal Product Solutions shipped a Gruenberg conveyor oven with a maximum temperature rating of 360°F (182°C) and an operating temperature range of 300 to 330°F (150 to 165°C) to a company in the medical industry.

The interior chamber is constructed with aluminized steel. A heat-resistant nylon conveyor belt transports product through the oven, and the conveyor system includes a variable-frequency drive for speed adjustments to meet processing requirements.

The curing oven utilizes a vertical-down airflow system to direct air down into the workspace through diffusing panels. This allows the air to flow down through the product and conveyor belt. The air then exits the workspace at the bottom and is directed into recirculating ducts on either side of the unit. The heating system uses seamless-tubular Incoloy sheathed heaters for efficient electric heat. A cooling module is located at the end of the oven module to cool the parts after processing.