The Broadest Range of Industrial Ovens for a Wide Variety of Industries & Applications

Wisconsin Oven offers high quality heat treat ovens and furnaces, with standard temperature ratings up to 1400°F. They can be heated by gas (direct or indirect), electric and steam. Typical applications include aging, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, solution heat treating, composite cure, drying, and many others.

Wisconsin Oven customers are able to track the performance of their industrial oven from anywhere using the DataSense™ Technologies IoT system. The DataSense™ system collects information from predictive maintenance sensors on the oven and reports on the health of a variety of components and conditions, to prevent unexpected downtime.

Wisconsin Oven equipment is completely factory assembled & tested prior to shipment. Turnkey installations, start-up service, spare parts and PM programs are also available through our Service department. Please contact us for any of your heat processing requirements by phone at 262-642-3938, or by email at

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