Understanding the Different Types of Steam Used in Processes

Knowing the properties and characteristics of steam types helps prevent misuse in process heating applications.


The Importance of Maintaining Boiler Feedwater

Proper boiler feedwater treatment helps preserve steam quality, boiler efficiency and equipment uptime.


Tips for Selecting an Infrared Heater

Switching to an infrared system operating at the proper wavelength can provide increased efficiency.


Process Heating Technologies for Catheters

Medical advancements have spurred demand for single-use devices such as catheters, and the materials and thermal processing requirements for manufacturing catheters vary depending on intended uses. It is important to select a manufacturing process that optimizes product quality for the intended use.


Defeating Dewpoint Corrosion

Using a thermal-lined barrier can reduce dewpoint corrosion.


Can Large-Scale Process Heating Be Electrified?

Scaling up electric heating technologies for industrial use is not without benefits — or challenges.


Using Film-Forming Amines for Water Treatment

Film-forming amines can deliver effective heat transfer equipment protection and a lower cost of ownership while conserving natural resources.


Valve Maintenance and Life Expectancy Tips

The process to extend the life expectancy of a valve begins with valve selection and continues through installation, operation and maintenance procedures.


Top 5 Most Common Airflow Styles Used in Industrial Ovens

The effective heat transfer within industrial ovens is influenced by the airflow pattern selected for the system.


(Tie) Tips for Oven and Dryer Safety and Maintenance Inspections

Industrial ovens and dryers can achieve a useful life of 20 or 30 years with proper maintenance. Inspections are key to a solid maintenance program.


(Tie) Recirculated Hot Air Ovens Provide Benefits in Process Heating

Low energy output, cost savings and consistent temperature gradients can be achieved with recirculated hot air ovens.

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