Optimizing Your Heating System for Energy Efficiency

Edye Buchanan of BriskHeat offers practical tips and takeaways about optimizing your heating system for energy efficiency.


Heat Processing Equipment Risk Assessments Insights

John Puskar, the president of Prescient Technical Services joined editor Linda Becker for a podcast to talk about heat processing equipment risk assessments: what are they, and what is a PHA?


Heat Source Selection and Evaluation Criteria

Angela Krueger, the vice president and general manager of ASI, a division of Thermal Technologies Inc., talks about how to evaluate and optimize the operation of your process heating equipment. Unintended heat losses, poor energy efficiency and failed insulation, for instance, can keep you from achieving optimal results and can contribute to increased scrap and higher energy bills.


Talking Steam System Efficiency

Thomas Ruff of Miura America discusses the current challenges for OEMs with process heating needs and the benefits of a modular steam system.


Flame Sensors for Safer Steam Methane Reforming

Mike Spalding of Reuter Stokes, a Baker Hughes company, talks about technologies for safer steam methane reforming.

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