A manufacturer of snack production systems has added an electrically powered convection oven to its product testing center for use during customer product trials.

Reading Bakery Systems installed the two-zone convection oven in its RBS Science & Innovation Center. The company says the oven offers similar baking to a gas-powered oven, but the electric oven can help facilities achieve sustainability goals with energy-efficiency and emission-reducing benefits of electric penthouses.

“RBS has conducted hours of R&D work proving no significant oven performance difference between gas and electric power sources,” said Cameron Johnston, director of engineering at RBS. “It is our charge to develop innovative equipment and system solutions that meet the sustainability-focused guidelines of the future…so it is important that we lead electric oven adoption.”

Before offering trials to customers, RBS ran organoleptic tests, piloted research, and development to prove product parity. This means that the same snacks can be successfully made in an electric-powered oven and with the same quality, textures, and taste.

Operationally, baking with an electric oven is very similar to baking with a gas-powered oven. Control points and baking profiles are the same, resulting in no significant difference in chamber humidity. While the electric oven is slightly less responsive to settle from a temperature adjustment, the baking process is more energy efficient due to fewer products of combustion and less humidity needing to be exhausted, Johnston added.