A Midwest-based flexographic printer will utilize a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) for the abatement of volatile organic compounds from a central impression press.

The oxidizer, supplied and installed by Catalytic Products International, Lake Zurich, Ill., will be used to control the emissions from a new flexographic impression press used for printing packaging materials. The RTO will destroy VOC emissions with more than 98 percent destruction rate efficiency and a thermal efficiency of 97 percent, according to the cmpany. That performance is expected to help ensure minimal gas consumption and operating costs.

CPI delivered the skid-mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired oxidizer with the media installed on the customer-supplied concrete pad. Installation included rigging and assembly of the oxidizer, exhaust stack, forced draft booster fan and remote HMI control panel.

CPI, which worked closely with the printer to minimize the downtime associated with installation, also provided startup services and compliance testing to validate the destruction rate efficiency.