A burn-in oven with a temperature range of 27°F (15°C) above ambient to 572°F (300°C) was shipped to a company in the electronics industry.

The unit, designed and manufactured by Blue M, has a stainless-steel interior, perforated plenum side walls and 4" of fiberglass insulation to minimize heat loss during operation. Eight mesh trays were used in lieu of solid trays to optimize airflow distribution.

The oven was designed to save floor space by requiring a minimal footprint. This unit is customized with removable solid back panels to give the customer the option to add devices or ports. The oven also has the capability for upgrading power components inside the chamber in the event the customer’s application requires the installation of a power source on the oven to power capacitors inside the oven while heating the product.

The burn-in oven utilizes horizontal airflow and a Watt Watcher airflow system that automatically compensates for load variations caused by wattage dissipation. An airflow switch also is included to shut off the heating elements in the event of a blower system failure. The oven temperature is controlled by a Watlow F4T controller, which offers the flexibility of a modular I/O controller, Ethernet connectivity and a color touch panel with high resolution, graphical user interface.