Aerial drones are manufactured with a combination of materials and composite parts that are used to build lightweight bodies, winds and tails. Because drones fall under FAA regulations, they need to be structurally sound and not fail. Using an industrial oven optimized to cure, dry or bake composite materials is important.

During the manufacture of drones parts, the heating process usually involves exposing the composite material to a controlled temperature and humidity environment for a specific period. This process hardens or strengthens the material and removes any excess moisture that might be present in the material.

The specific type of industrial oven used for heating composite drone parts will depend on the composition of the material, the size and shape of the pieces, and the desired outcome of the heating process. Some common industrial ovens used for this purpose include conveyor ovens, batch ovens and continuous ovens.

There are several industrial ovens available for manufacturing drones. International Thermal Systems (ITS) compiled an overview of options in a recent blog. Click here to read more.