Winston Heat Treating of Dayton, Ohio, will use twin convection furnace systems to replace older tempering systems that were difficult to qualify to Class 5 (±25°F).

The heavy-duty furnaces, manufactured and supplied by Delta H of Carroll, Ohio, were designed for rugged daily use in a commercial heat-treating facility. A challenging design aspect was the ability to heat rapidly and cool just as quickly without damage to the interior metal; for instance, a load heat treated at 1000°F (538°C) could be quickly followed by the next at 300°F (149°C). According to Delta H, the design means the convection furnaces can heat and cool in less time than the previous systems.  

Aerospace Testing and Pyrometry (ATP) independently demonstrated both systems as capable of passing Class 1 uniformity (±5°F) throughout the operating temperature range but qualified them as Class 2 (±10°F) from 300 to 1200°F. Both are set up with instrumentation Type B and have two load thermocouples, and both are designed to receive baskets of parts from several nearby heat-treating operations for secondary heat treatments. Temperature control and data acquisition are provided by Super Systems Inc.