A cabinet oven with an operating temperature of 140 to 176°F (60 to 80°C) will be put to use in a Class 10,000 cleanroom. The safety oven is designed to remove large amounts of solvent from a product load.

Manufactured by Gruenberg, the Cyclone Series oven has an intrinsically safe design to eliminate ignition sources. Features include spark-resistant fans and blowers along with an airtight, continuously welded stainless steel interior to prevent the exchange of dust or vapors.

Horizontal airflow is utilized for uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber, according to the manufacturer, and the inlet air passes through a HEPA filter before entering the chamber. A gas monitor continuously measures the concentration of flammable vapors present within the chamber. If the vapor concentration reaches a preset alarm level, the monitor will de-energize the friction-heating circuits and activate an alarm to notify operators.

According to Gruenberg, the unit can sufficiently remove up to 52 liters of solvents in one batch and is suited for hazardous material processing.