A 350°F enhanced-duty batch oven will be used by a manufacturer in the chemical industry to dry a special coating on continuous film.

The walk-in oven, designed and shipped by Lewco Inc., includes a top-mounted heater box with 36 kW heat capacity. It is equipped with a variable speed, 8,000-cfm circulation fan that delivers horizontal airflow and uniform heat throughout the oven workspace. The horizontal airflow is suited for applications that involve drying. The oven also includes two slots, located above the doors and in the back wall, to allow the customer’s film to pass through the workspace.

A safety interlock switch was included to disable the heaters when the doors are open. This door switch has a contact alarm relay that the customer can connect to their central control system. Oven controls included a Eurotherm Nanodac temperature controller with a redundant high limit controller, providing proper temperature control and over-temperature protection. This controller allows the customer to program multiple ramp/soak recipes and continuously log accurate temperature data.