Do you have a need to earn CE credits, or a desire to learn more about specific industrial heating and cooling topics? The Thermal Processing Continuing Education Center, produced by thermal brands of BNP Media, includes more than 30 courses on industrial heating and cooling.

To introduce you to the types of courses available, here are five courses you can take today in our CE Center.

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1. Using Your Equipment Data to Improve Process Heating

The intersection formed via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digitalization and technology such as advanced analytics allows manufacturers to leverage time-series and contextual data for process insights. Eliminating data silos and incorporating contextual data with process data enhances operational understanding and transparency. In addition, The inclusion of IIoT on thermal processing equipment allows equipment issues to be recognized and diagnosed in real time. Such insights allow processors to plan more effectively for necessary repairs and maintenance during upcoming, scheduled downtime.

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2. Cryogenic Cooling Provides Fast, Low Temperature Cooling

Cryogenic cooling has an array of industrial applications, including hemp and food processing. This course explores the cryogenic process, discusses its applications, a combination of approaches to cryogenic cooling, and describes current equipment needed to handle liquid nitrogen for successful processing.


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3. Low Temperature Additive Manufacturing

Low temperature process heating for additive manufacturing requires special technologies and methods for keeping heat in check. This course looks at the process of low temperature AM and current applications. It concludes with a real-life example: how heat exchanger design is being improved using additive manufacturing for better results.


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4. The Magic of Chillers

Chillers are used in many applications where chilled liquid is circulated through process equipment. This course will look at different types of chillers used to cool materials, products and machinery, including portable chillers and designs used in 3D printing to cool lasers. It also will explore how some portable chillers use variable-speed compressor technology to provide better efficiency.


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5. Emergency Preparedness and Ammonia Refrigeration Safety

If your facility uses an ammonia refrigeration system, are you properly prepared for any hazards you may encounter, from fire to flood to ammonia release? Emergency prefire prevention plan, evacuation plan, emergency action plan, emergency response plan — this webinar will explore which regulations require these various plans, and what should be included in each plan.

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