Providing heating technology that impacts energy availability in remote, underdeveloped villages in Africa is a venture that Wattco, a manufacturer of custom-built electric heating solutions, has supported since 2017.

In that year, a nonprofit foundation hired Wattco to develop a new product as part of its energy generation initiative. Company engineers developed a molten salt heating solution that could reach higher temperatures than traditional heaters, which were limited by the maximum temperature of alloys such as steel. After finding success in initial deployments, the initiative continues to expand to new locations.

Many remote villages in Africa are not connected to a larger power grid and must rely on diesel-powered generators for electricity. Molten salt heating opens up new opportunities and accessibility for power. Unlike other solutions that may require a body of water to generate clean energy, molten salt heating can be established anywhere. 

“These new technologies will help make electricity more prevalent and available for clean water, food and other crucial aspects necessary to develop a thriving society,” said Jason Toledano, CEO of Wattco.