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Process Heating & Cooling Show


[Supervisor name],

I would like to get your approval to attend The Process Heating & Cooling Show, produced by Process Heating and Process Cooling Magazines on May 24 -25, 2023 in Rosemont, IL. This event will provide a targeted, industrial manufacturing-focused venue where I can see and learn about the latest heating and cooling products and developments. Attending will allow me to find tools and learn about technologies to improve process productivity, increase profits and optimize operations. Many OEMs and suppliers from the process industries, including those serving and working in oil and gas, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, packaging and plastics, will present an opportunity to learn about cross-cutting technologies we might not learn at single-industry shows.

This event will offer a truly unique platform spotlighting the latest industrial processes, products and emerging technologies across all process manufacturing industries.

Influential speakers will present various educational sessions including keynotes, workshops, and CEU accredited sessions on the exhibit hall floor. Presentations will provide essential information on technology advancements, new instruments and applications with the goal to help optimize manufacturing processes and heating/cooling equipment operation in the process industries.

The exhibit hall will be a vital resource for me, providing the opportunity to meet and network with leading companies introducing the latest products and technologies in process cooling and process heating. With over 13 hours of exhibit floor time, I’ll have the chance to explore numerous exhibits and product demonstrations along with making valuable and long lasting connections.

Below is the approximate cost of attending for your review:
Airfare:            $
Hotel:               $
Meals:              $
Registration:   $
Total:               $

The result of my attendance can help our heating and cooling process be more efficient, reliable, and save on downtime. I feel this investment is worth our time and will pay dividends.

[Your name]

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