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Bob Sanderson IHEA

Bob Sanderson

Director of Business Development
Rockford Combustion

Bob is a registered Professional Engineer with an excess of 30 years of industrial installations and practical application experience. Bob started his career as the primary thermal and applied process expert for a global corporation which built automotive and aerospace assembly plants. Subsequent to that, he continued as an industrial combustion and emissions technology specialist for a Fortune 100 company. Bob is a member of the NFPA-86 Standards Committee and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Michigan.

IHEA Combustion Safety Training: One-Day Safety Standards and Codes Seminar

Presented by the Industrial Heating Equipment Assocation (IHEA) in conjuction with the Process Heating & Cooling Show

Explosions and fires in industrial heating systems can result in injury or loss of life, and loss of property and production. Understanding the proper use of National Standards governing the compliant design and operation of ovens & furnaces is essential for everyone involved with this type of equipment. IHEA’s Safety Standards & Codes seminar is designed for individuals involved in the design, manufacture, service or operation of ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, thermal oxidizers and a wide range of industrial applications.

The seminar covers critical safety information for those involved with a wide range of industrial thermprocess applications. This abridged one-day course will focus on recent updates in the newly released NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens & Furnaces, 2023 Edition. Attendees will also learn identification of principals and concepts for several critical safety topics.

One-Day Seminar Topics Include:

  1. Overview of NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens & Furnaces including Administration, References & Definitions
  2. General Requirements, Location and Construction
  3. Classification of Furnaces: A, B, C, and D
  4. Gas Line Evacuation (Purging) and Charging
  5. Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Inspection & Testing
  6. Hydrogen Introduction
  7. Burner Management Systems & PLC Applications

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