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Charles Tuck Ndustrial

Charles Tuck

Co-Founder and VP, Energy & IoT Solutions

Charles Tuck is VP of Energy and IoT Solutions at Ndustrial, where he leads service engagements ranging from utility bill audits to complex IT and OT systems integrations. These projects help industrial clients monitor, manage and control their Energy and Carbon Intensity. Charles is a co-founder of Ndustrial and has 12 years of consulting experience in electrical engineering.

5 Best Practices for Energy Baselining

Before you can report progress on sustainability goals, you need to establish a baseline. Doing this well not only helps companies track savings; it can also help identify areas for improvement. It can even help secure lower-interest loans – but only if the data is trustworthy and accessible. So how do you create a meaningful baseline? We’ll consider these five best practices:
  1. Set up real-time reporting
  2. Include specific systems
  3. Normalize the data
  4. Analyze multiple years
  5. Combine multiple utilities

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