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Tonya Chandler  BioLargo

Tonya Chandler

Director of Commercialization and Regulatory Compiance
BioLargo, Inc.

Ms. Tonya Chandler, Director of Technology Commercialization and Regulatory Compliance for BioLargo Inc. has spent her career in water and wastewater working both on municipally and industrially, worldwide. She has a degree from Carroll College (now Carroll University) in Waukesha WI in both Biology and Communication. She has worked for such companies as Shaw Environmental and Veolia Water whereshe gained hands on experience in all aspects of the industry. Her current focus is on PFAS and water reuse.

Approaching Zero: Managing Cooling Water Discharge

Process cooling accounts for nearly 50% of U.S. water use. As demand for goods and services grows, greater cooling capacity will be needed in the future. At the same time drought, climate change, and environmental awareness/regulations are driving the cooling industry to increase its water efficiency to the theoretical maximum. (100% efficiency equals 10 cycles of concentration).
Current trends in water management include increased water treatment, use of blended waters to drive cooling cycles higher, and various methods for dealing with the highly concentrated mineral waste streams generated in the process.
Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) has been impossible for smaller sites to achieve due to the high capital and operating expenses associated with crystallizers, drum dryers, and other ZLD technologies.
New, patented minimal liquid discharge (MLD) processes now allow these industries to approach zero liquid discharge in a cost-effective manner.
A case study will be presented highlighting these concepts.
Objective 1: * Identify benefits of running higher cycles of concentration
Objective 2: * Compare ways to achieve optimal water reuse
Objective 3: * Be able to identify typical treatment and equipment used in reuse
Objective 4: * Be able to evaluate the benefit of chemical additions to optimizing cooling towers

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