Ventilex USA Inc. has introduced an interactive web site on fluid bed dryers and coolers as well as aggregate drying.

Specifically geared toward the sand and aggregate industries,, a new web site from West Chester, Ohio-based Ventilex USA Inc., is fortified with an extensive calculation table. The web site gives plant and equipment managers, purchasers and owners the ability to see exactly how many BTUs per pound of water evaporated they can expect to use from Ventilex equipment, including rotary drum dryers and other technology.

The site also includes engineering data, information on various drying methods, and solutions to the high cost of energy. A comprehensive database of photographs allows users to visualize equipment and how it might fit into their plant and production.

Schematics show how the drying technology is able to dry product using only 1,200 BTUs per pound of water or less. Ventilex has designed into their standard dryers energy savings geared to utilize energy recirculation and evaporative cooling techniques. In addition, Ventilex guarantees the energy usage quoted for your system.