Corporate Profile

New frontiers in heat exchanger and recuperator technology from Exothermics Inc.

Exothermics Inc., a subsidiary of Eclipse Inc., has focused exclusively on industrial heat recovery applications since 1976.

The company boasts 25-plus years of industrial aluminum-plate exchanger experience and 20-plus years of industrial stainless steel-plate exchanger experience. Since its founding, Exothermics has constantly improved technology, striving to reach new frontiers in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers and recuperators.

Part of the reason for the company's success in its pioneering efforts has been the expertise of its engineering staff. According to Bruce McKenna, president of Exothermics, "We believe our engineering team is among the brightest and the best in the industry." And they've proven that by taking the company from a U.S. operation to being a global expert in a few short years. The company has application experience with installations in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

For more information, contact Bruce McKenna, President, Exothermics Inc., 5040 Enterprise Blvd., Toledo, OH 43612-3880.
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