If you're looking for burners, consider a visit to www.maxoncorp.com, the new global site of Maxon Corp., Muncie, Ind. Site features in the revamped design include easy-to-use navigation menus, readily available product information in three clicks or less, access to professional assistance through email links on every page, and a clickable world map to locate Maxon contacts worldwide. The easy-to-use navigation menus appear on every page and provide quick links to product categories such as natural gas and oil fired burners, gas valves and oil valves, low NOX burners, combustion systems and accessories. In addition, the navigation bar on the left includes pull-down menus to search by product type or product name. Best of all, on every page of the site, a button with a large red question mark and “Have any questions?” allows you to get more information via e-mail quickly. The e-mail form allows you to select the type of question you have. Product details pages are organized with a brief description of each product accompanied by links to downloadable files such as the product bulletin, specification sheet and installation manuals. Each product also includes a pull-down menu with related products in the category. The site was designed with input from all of Maxon's international operations for a truly global look and feel. In addition, Maxon plans to offer the site with seven language translations in 2006.