NFPA 86-2003 combines 86, 86C and 86D, explains Franklin Switzer Jr.

During the last three years, beginning just after the release of NFPA 86-1999, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) technical committee members have been tabulating, collating and consolidating the three NFPA 86 standards (NFPA 86, 86C and 86D) into one new standard (NFPA 86-2003) that covers all areas of ovens and furnaces as well as special atmosphere furnaces and vacuum furnaces. The new standard was published in September and is available through NFPA's web site at

The NFPA 86-2003 edition represents a consolidation of the three separate standards and a few changes. One specific change is the commonality that now exists between the definitions found in the three older standards. Because there is only one standard, definitions are common to all areas.

Use this cross reference to find where NFPA 86, 86C and 86D Annexes can be found in NFPA 86-2003.
There also are some clarifications that show up mainly in the appendix material. The two tables show cross-reference lists that I have compiled to help standard users locate materials, previously published in the three separate standards, in the new NFPA 86-2003 edition.

Editor's Note: Beginning in January, "Safety Zone" will cover specific changes to NFPA 86 that affect manufacturers who use heat in their processes.