Despatch Industries' Web site should please Internet-savvy users and newbies alike.

Industrial Ovens
Despatch Industries

Despatch's home page welcomes its visitors with an inviting tool bar that resembles electronic file folder "tabs" -- a graphic that is seen on the operating systems of many desktop computers. The default Home tab offers an overview of the company's market leadership in a range of industries as well as a "What's New" section that can be navigated to up-to-date company news. And, if you know just what criteria your oven will need to have for your process application, Despatch's interactive Ovenseek product selector guide is made for you. Click on the Ovenseek button in this Home section to complete an online form with your criteria, and the advanced search engine will find the product that matches it.

If you would rather peruse the range of models available, click on the Products tab and you will view images of the company's batch and continuous ovens as well as its furnaces and chambers. Each time you click on an item you are taken to another page that further narrows product choices until you reach individual models, each with its own image and specifications list.

The left side of the web page remains with the general categories, making it easy to navigate from ovens to software, etc. If you tire from viewing the myriad products offered, you can click on the Ovenseek button, also located in this section.

If you prefer to search by application, the Customer Applications tab allows you to surf for products used in electronics, health care, metals and materials. Each category showcases the different types of products being utilized.

The Reference Library tab allows you to request literature -- including data sheets, selection guides and operator manuals -- online or via fax by the number given.

Parts & Service and Quotes/Order tabs offer contact information for your specific need. Online and phone/fax help and order taking are available.

There is a lot to see on this web site, so the site's searching browser that appears at the top of each page is a great feature that should please Internet-savvy users and newbies alike.

Site Highlights

Site highlights on include
  • Interactive product selector

  • Familiar tab-type layout

  • Online RFQs