In recognition of the role pumps play in manufacturing, Hydraulic Institute will sponsor National Manufacturing Week.

In recognition of the prominent role that pumps play in manufacturing, Hydraulic Institute (HI), Parsippany, NJ, has become a sponsor of National Manufacturing Week. The annual event, scheduled for March 5-8 at McCormick Place in Chicago, consists of four targeted exhibitions: National Industrial Enterprise IT, National Industrial Automation, Na-tional Plant Engineering MRO & Management and National Design Engineering.Hydraulic Institute willsupport the Fluid Handling Pavilion within the National Plant Engineering MRO & Management exhibition.

At National Manufacturing Week, Hydraulic Institute members will showcase "Year 2000 ANSI/HI Edition Pump Standards." Based on an American National Standard Institute (ANSI) canvas conducted over 18 months, this edition contains recent information on a range of pump types and includes definitions, industry terminology, design and application, installation, operation, maintenance guidelines and testing standards.

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