For the first time, IREA expanded its efforts to address the needs of infrared equipment manufacturers and users.

IREA has expanded to include gas-infrared equipment manufacturers. The organization hopes to educate infrared equipment users about the benefits and limitations of infrared technology.
Welcoming manufacturers of gas-fired infrared heating systems for the first time, the Infrared Equipment Association (IREA), Worthington, OH, expanded its efforts to address the needs of infrared equipment users and manufacturers. At an open forum held in Tucson, AZ, in January, IREA outlined nine key objectives:

  • Broaden the scope of the association to include all radiant energy technologies used in industrial heating, regardless of energy source or emitter type.

  • Publicize the fact that radiant heat has distinct economic and practical advantages over convection heat for many applications, and acknowledge that the reverse also is true.

  • Produce promotional, educational and reference materials on radiant heating that are lucid, unbiased and technically accurate.

  • Develop standard testing protocols for radiant heating to facilitate objective evaluation and comparison of heating solutions.

  • Develop standard terminology and definitions for radiant heating to improve the fidelity of communications.

  • Identify common objectives industry participants and encourage cooperation toward those objectives.

  • Identify and resolve issues of dispute and contention among industry participants.

  • Encourage vigorous, but respectful and fair competition among industry participants.

  • Promote adherence to the association's code of conduct.

Managing director Jim Seals noted that IREA can best serve the users and potential users of infrared heating technology by educating both users and suppliers about infrared technology, its benefits and its limitations. Toward that end, IREA has begun to develop a technology handbook; members will meet in April to further define its content.

At its concurrent business meeting, IREA also announced new board members. Elected to one-year terms as members-at-large were Sara Madugula, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN, and David Boone, Alabama Power Co., Birmingham, AL. In addition, Ed Eckert, ITW BGK Finishing Systems Inc., Minneapolis, MN, and Bob Narang, Radiant Energy Systems, Wayne, NJ, were elected to two-year terms as members-at-large. Also, Ron Vinyard, BBC Industries, Fenton, MO, agreed to serve one year as vice president/ president-elect before taking office in 2002, and Jill Blasdel, Blasdel Enterprises, Greensburg, IN, agreed to serve an additional year as secretary/treasurer. Completing the board, Steve Fruth, Fo-storia Industries Inc., Fostoria, OH, continues to serve as president, and Bob Beattie, Process Thermal Dynamics, Brandon, MN, remains immediate past president.

For more information about IREA, contact Jim Seals at (614) 781-0008.