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Hix Corp.

Hix Corp.engineers and builds, to your specifications, electric conveyor,batch, and tunnel ovens/dryers. Designs can include infrared, infra-air, and hot-air impingement systems for temperatures up to 450¿F (232¿C).


Ciscan's homepage features CataDyne catalytic gas infrared oven systems, modular washers and specialty products. Built to ISO 9002 standards, these systems are value-engineered to meet your exact requirements.

Kinetics Thermal Systems

Kinetics Thermal Systemsis recognized the world over for the manufacture of high performance FTS Systems brand precisioin temperature control equipment.

Research Inc.

Research Inc.offers a full line of modular electric infrared heating devices and SCR power controls, which form integrated heating systems to solve many problems requiring instant focused heat energy.


Walk throughAthena's catalog of temperature, process and power control products. Review technical specifications and reference data or leave E-mail message while online.

Eclipse Inc.

Provides an overview ofEclipse Inc.'s family: Eclipse Combustion, Combustion Tec, Exothermics and Algas/SDI.Covers air heat and oxy-fuel burners,heat exchangers/recuperators, and vaporizing/mixing equipment.


The newDespatchweb site matches applications and thermal processeswith standard and custom oven solutions. Site features a search function and downloadable product specifications.


Comdelis the leading manufacturer of reliable RF power supplies. At the core of Comdel's success are engineers with the experience to design power solutions for your application. Comdel is your RF resource.

Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab

Browse our website to discover who we are, what we manufacture, where you can reach us, and most important, how we can help you.Technical Heaters Inc./Thermolab.

Des Champs

Des Champs' industrial products include heat exchangers, integrated heat recovery packages, indirect heater packages and turnkey solutions. The web site's industrial product section contains further details.

Mayberry's Custom Metal

TheMayberry's Custom Metal Fabrication Inc.web site highlights the range of their work, showing photographs of a few of their projects, including general descriptions.

BBC Industries

BBC Industries' electric infrared technology solves difficult problems in process heating applications involving all applications from packaging and paint curing to printing and cooking.

Wisconsin Oven

Wisconsin Oven offers America's broadest range of industrial ovens, standard and custom. Check out our web site for information on our infrared and convection ovens, and more.

Neslab Instruments

Neslab Instruments, the constant-temperature equipment leader, offers product features and specs in a user-friendly layout to find the right chiller or water-to-water heat exchanger for your application.

Kim Hotstart

Kim Hotstartsolves industrial liquid heating problems, and offers the first threadless immersion heater for hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel and oil supply storage tanks.

Leister Process Technologies

Developers and producers of hot air equipment since 1953,Leister Process Technologies' online products include hot air blowers, heat sources, blowers, and hand and automatic welding tools and machines.

ARI Valve

ARI Valveis committed to servicing the global market - producing more than 2,500 valves per day and maintaining stocking locations around the world.


Paratherm's site provides technical information, specifications, and tabular and graphical data on NF, HE and OR nonfouling, nontoxic, oxidation-resistant, high flash/fire point heat transfer fluids.


Tempcomaintains an inventory of over 100,000 stock items and will custom engineer/manufacture to meet your requirements for electric heating elements and temperature sensors.


TheFlukeline of handheld test tools includes a wide range of digital thermometers, including the 50 Series II contact thermometer and the Fluke 65 laser-sighted noncontact thermometers.


Ogden's web site takes you through a very extensive product line of process electric heaters and controls.Check us out today.

Lewco Inc.

Lewco Inc., manufacturer of Heat-Pro ovens, offers a complete line of industrial process ovens for drum heating, curing, drying and a variety of other industrial thermal processing applications.


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Infrared Technologies

Infrared Technologiesdesigns and manufactures electric and gas catalytic infrared thermal processing systems for a broad range of industrial and laboratory applications.

Maxon Corp.

TheMaxon Corp.web site is completely redesigned for easy navigation. Experience online Combustion Schools and access Maxon's catalog including low and high temperature burners, packaged systems and valves.

Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy's web site offers photos and info on its ovens and dryers for heating, drying curing, predrying. Find electric or gas infra red, and combination infrared and hot air ovens.


Grievehas over 50 years experience building industrial ovens and furnaces. Our entire product line and custom heat processing equipment capability are described at our web site.

Solar Products

Find information onSolar Productsinfrared heater and quartz product line, industry case studies, an infrared question/answer page, and a listing of infrared books and articles

Oven Industries

Our web site contains information aboutOven Industries' areas of product categories, nine product bulletins, list of local sales representatives and e-mail comment/quotation form.


Hyndmanspecializes in making stock and custom electric heating elements for every electric heating application. Heating element types and style include: helical coil, ribbon, rod, plug, rack, porcupine and sinuated.


Hotwattmanufactures cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters.

Sensing Devices Inc.

Manufacturer of quality platinum, wire-wound RTDs, industrial transfer standard thermometers and custom industrial platinum resistant thermometers. Calibration services available.Sensing Devices Inc.

Payne Engineering

Payne Engineeringsupplies the most complete line of all solid state power controls, 10 to 1,200 amps, zero-fire, phase angle, 1 and 3 phase, to 600 vac. is a business-to-business, go first web resource that connects suppliers and engineers. Engineers can search over 14 million product specifications online from the world's leading suppliers.

Blender Products Inc.

Blender Products a manufacturer of high performance mixing systems for process applications. Our static mixing devices are used primarily for thermal and concentration mixing.

Omron Electronics

Omron Electronicsmanufactures a variety of automation components, systems for a variety of industries. Check out thousands of relays, sensors, switches, PLCs, vision sensors and more.


Mueller offers complete system packages including heat transfer, refrigeration and storage for all your processing needs.

Tek-Temp Instruments

Get help specifying your chiller online with Tek-Temp Instruments' user-friendly interactive application-description form. Use "Specifying Your Chiller" page for guidance. Call 215-788-5528 for more help.

Exergy Inc.

The Exergy Inc. web site features complete product specifications for our standard miniature shell-and- tube and tube-in-tube heat exchangers.

Heatcraft Commercial Products

Heatcraft Commercial Products manufactures fin and tube cells for replacement, process, plan and specification markets. The site offers product specs, technical articles, literature and representatives' locations.

Translogic Inc.

Translogic Inc. manufactures flexible and high temperature heaters for industries ranging from capital equipment to aerospace. Temperature sensor integration available.


Indeeco designs and manufactures a full line of electric heating equipment, including industrial component heaters, custom heating systems and space heaters. Name your heating problem. We'll solve it.

Heraeus Amersil

Heraeus Amersil manufactures a complete range of infrared emitters.Short wave, halogen, medium wave and new generation carbon emitters are described in detail.


Trent's web site provides descriptions and specifications of their electrically heated process equipment. The site also offers online product catalog request and product quote request capabilities.

Warren Electric Corp.

Since 1962, Warren Electric Corp. has been industry's source for high quality standard and custom electric immersion heaters, assemblies and accessories. Turn to the heat source, Warren Electric.

Love Controls

Use Love Controls' web site to checkout the latest technology in instruments and sensors for temperature and process control for industrial and OEM use.

GTS Energy

GTS Energy's site covers the variety of process heating systems GTS Energy manufactures. Photos, dimensional drawings and operational testimonials show the advantages of GTS Energy's heating equipment.


The Thermcraft home page is a complete heat treating resource for science and industry. This home page opens the door to meeting your needs with custom heat treating solutions.


Fenwal puts you in control with the industry's most comprehensive and reliable line of temperature and gas ignition control products. Please click on our web and browse through our product line.

Applied Test Systems

Applied Test Systems' web site describes the company's line of process heating and materials testing equipment including ovens, furnaces, universal testing machines, creep testing systems and more.

Blue M

Blue M's industrial ovens, furnaces and experienced people are helping industrial customers lead with advanced thermal process technologies and meet global productivity, quality and cost objectives.


Visit Exothermics' web site for information about their "World Class Heat Exchangers," including their line of industrial stainless steel plate exchangers and tubular recuperators.


Tranter manufactures heat transfer equipment, including plate and frame, prime surface and all-welded plate heat exchangers, offering full service capabilities for regasketing and reconditioning.


A leading manufacturer of quality,portable propane infrared heaters, wall-mounted and overhead natural gas and propane heaters, Enerco provides custom-engineering assistance for individualized requirements.

Wisconsin Infrared

Our site features product and application information, a companyprofile and more. The site is always changing, so please bookmark andvisit often. Wisconsin Infrared.


A versatile oven supplier since 1932,Gruenberg designs and manufactures standard industrial ovens, custom ovens, batch ovens, truck-in ovens and conveyor ovens for curing, drying and heat-treating processes.

Vulcan Catalytic

Vulcan Catalytic's heaters provide1,000¿F of medium to long wave infrared energy thanks to its high performance proprietary catalyst pads. They can be used for paint curing and plastics thermoforming.

Avatar Instruments

Avatar Instruments offers you the advantage of over 40 years of experience. Our products are high performance proportional controls for industrial electric heaters. Our technical staff is just a phone call away.


MultiTherm's web site provides information on MultiTherm 100, Multi-Therm 503, MultiTherm IG-2, and MultiTherm PG-1 heat transfer fluids. Other topics include fluid analysis, fluid handling, fluid life and safety.

Pyronics Inc.

Pyronics Inc. began with a solid foundation of the high efficiency Flomixer, burners and air gas balanced zero-ratio regulators. Pyronics has grown into a leading player in the combustion marketplace.

PED Technologies

PED Technologies' curing/booster oven technologies include gas catalytic infrared, electric infrared and convection. PED offers powder and liquid finishing systems and components.

Heresite Protective Coatings

Heresite Protective Coatings' coating and lining systems are tailored to meet each application's unique requirements. The company works to satisfy each customer's specialized, long-term needs.