Corporate Profile: Glenro Inc.

Providing Infrared Process Heating Solutions for Manufacturers

Glenro designs and manufactures infrared ovens for process heating applications such as predrying, drying, curing, preheating, sintering and thermal-bonding. Glenro uses several infrared technologies including electric infrared, gas infrared, medium and short wave infrared, infrared combined with ambient air or hot air, and rapid response infrared heaters. Glenro specializes in infrared ovens for continuous process heating applications such as predrying nonwovens, drying coatings on webs, drying finishes on technical textiles, post extrusion heating of tubing, and heating insulated wire.

Proven Process Performance
Glenro makes standard infrared heaters and controls, but the company's main strength is custom engineered infrared industrial ovens, dryers, and predryers. Glenro works closely with customers from process development, through system selection, oven design, manufacturing, installation, startup, and operation. The company's infrared ovens are engineered to be proven solutions to customers' specialized process heating applications.

Glenro's founders believed that to design efficient industrial ovens you had to go into the laboratory and physically model the customer's process, fiddle with the variables, and evaluate the results. Only then could you be sure that you had designed the highest efficiency system. Over the years Glenro has added a lot of technology to its design approach, such as computer design tools to create advanced industrial ovens. But the company's engineers still roll up their sleeves and spend hours in Glenro's lab on the pilot lines. That's where they make certain the infrared ovens they design and manufacture will meet customers' processing requirements. It takes extra work. Some might think it's an old-fashioned approach, but Glenro's customers know it's what sets Glenro apart from the others.

Glenro's 48 page, full color corporate capabilities brochure explains the company's process engineering approach as well as the company's infrared heaters, ovens, dryers, and predryers. For a free copy call Glenro at 1-888-GLENRO1 (1-888-453-6761)or visit