Valves, bearings, power supplies, coatings, oxidizers and insulation -- if you are looking for systems, components or supplies, you will undoubtedly find them here.

Pressure Reducer System

Pillarless construction and diameter-independent spring ranges are features of Predu. Additional features of the pressure reducer system include a screwed seat and a marginal seat, three exchangeable spring sizes, a balancing bellow and a sealing bellow, and easy change of spring and actuator.
Circle 400
Ari Valve
(770) 933-8845

Heat Exchanger Coating Fights Corrosion

Baked phenolic coating protects finned tube coils from corrosive fumes and salt atmospheres. Licensed Saekaphen SI Series protects shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Tube bundles typically used in heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators can be protected against many acids, salts, water and alkaline services.
Circle 414
Heresite Protective Coatings Inc.
(800) 558-7747

Thermal Deoiler

System uses a pollution-free technology that replaces outdated solvent-based systems. It combines a thermal oxidizer with two heat exchangers, and no heat source other than the natural gas-fired burner and the oil's heat of combustion are needed for maintaining the required temperature for deoiling.
Circle 302
Epcon Industrial Systems
(800) 447-7872

Profile Using a PDA

Pocketpak runs on the Palm OS platform and provides graphics, zoom capability, time at temperature, peak temperature and other features. Compatible with most of the company's dataloggers, the software makes temperature measurement easier and more convenient. The profile can be transferred to a PC for further analysis.
Circle 379
Datapaq Inc.
(978) 988-9000

Butterfly Valve

Bronze bushings and a streamlined disc design are among the features of Mosser AW/CW 15/25 light-duty butterfly valve. It is offered in a combination of materials and optional accessories and can accommodate pressure differentials up to 25 psi in sizes from 2 to 12" and 15 psi in sizes from 14 to 72". Valves can be repacked without removal from line.
Circle 401
(610) 770-1100

Safety Remote Breaker Racking System

Though OSHA and NFPA regulations require that personnel wear full-body flash suits during racking procedures on an energized system, suited operators remain vulnerable to intense heat, percussive forces and airborne debris from a fault explosion. Sarracs safety remote racking system allows operators to perform racking procedures from up to 40' away from the cell instead of in front of the cell and within a breaker's flash boundary.
Circle 393
Siemens Energy
& Automation
(800) 964-4114

Air Pollution Control Equipment

Catalytic, regenerative thermal and recuperative thermal oxidizers are designed to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) found in process airstreams. A destruction efficiency of 99.9 percent typically can be achieved.
Circle 376
(920) 336-9800

Cooling Rolls

Designed for continuous web processing applications, heating and cooling rolls are made with Equatherm technology to provide optimum heat transfer. The company guarantees performance with a thermal analysis.
Circle 301
F.R. Gross Co., New Castle Subsidiary
(330) 686-2378

Packaged Standby Equipment

Propane/air plant allows users to switch seamlessly from natural gas to propane and back again. Model QM allows users to take advantage of different natural gas rates and reduce fuel costs.
Circle 375
(206) 789-5410

Boiler Tube-End Prep Tool

Right-angle-drive welding end prep tool compensates for tube-wall thickness variations and has a rugged cutter-blade locking system. The inner-diameter clamping tool has three clamps that fully contact the mandrel and expand about 0.5" inside the tube. Millhog requires 3" radial clearance and handles tubes from 0.75 to 3" OD.
Circle 381
Esco Tool, a Unit of Esco Technologies Inc.
(800) 343-6923

Membrane Filtration Systems, Testing

Designed for dairy, food, chemical, neutraceutical, pharmaceutical and biotech market sectors, membrane filtration configurations include spiral wound and tubular organic membranes as well as ceramic and stainless steel. The company also makes available pilot plants for on-site testing at the user's facility.
Circle 383
GEA Filtration
(715) 386-9371

Expansion Joints for Duct Systems

Designed to compensate for thermal movements, vibration and shock in duct systems, expansion joints are constructed of angle-iron steel and a range of high temperature fabrics. They can be furnished in round, square and rectangular shapes and withstand temperatures to 1,000oF (538oC) and pressures to 27" w.c.
Circle 384
Gaskets Inc.
(800) 558-1833

Infrared Camera

ThermaCAM E Series is designed to find and document electrical and mechanical faults before costly failures, shutdowns or even fires occur. The portable, hand-held infrared camera provides crisp thermal imaging, precise temperature measurement and in-the-field JPEG image storage. Thermal imager includes an uncooled microbolometer infrared detector that produces sensitive thermal images viewable on the camera's integral 2.5" color LCD.
Circle 382
Flir Systems Inc.
(978) 901-8000

Mold Inspection Software

Software package is designed specifically for viewing thermal profiles of folds in industries such as plastics, glass, metals and ceramics. When combined with the company's thermal imaging camera, the software provides real-time images of hot molds at speeds up to 60 frames/sec. The image data can be stored for playback at different speeds, used for online process control or exported into a database for quality control purposes.
Circle 385
Ircon Inc.
(847) 967-5151

Flexible Needled Blanket Insulation

ThermaTex can be laid flat or wrapped around equipment and surfaces. Made of mineral fiber, the flexible needled blanket insulation is suitable for applications up to 1,800oF (983oC). Designed to provide high tensile strength and good thermal properties, it is offered in 24, 48 and 60" wide rolls with thicknesses from 0.2362 to 1" (6 to 25.4 mm).
Circle 396
Thermafiber LLC
(888) 834-2371

Electrical Cleaner

NoSpark penetrates and cleans without leaving a residue. An alternative to contact cleaners containing HCFCs or other chlorinated solvents, the fast-evaporating, nonflammable cleaner is suitable for cleaning electrical parts as well as other types of delicate mechanisms. It penetrates into minute spaces and is safe to use on most surfaces, including most plastics.
Circle 386
LPS Laboratories
(800) 241-8334

Ultrasonic, Solvent-Free Degreasing

A CFC-free formulation, SF-1 is strong enough to remove light oils, greases and ordinary shop soils from metals. Safe enough for use on aluminum and many plastics, the vapor degreaser is blended with biodegradable surfactants and offers cleaning performance without glycol ethers or other hazardous petroleum-based solvents.
Circle 387
L&R Manufacturing Co.
(201) 991-5330

Stainless Steel Strainer

Thompson strainer removes particulate and debris from water and other liquid streams. It utilizes an inverted conical screen element and dynamic flow patterns to force heavier particulate such as particles and sediment to fall into a debris reservoir at the base of the strainer, away from the filter screen. Particulate then is flushed from the reservoir via the debris flush port.
Circle 389
Miller-Leaman Inc.
(386) 248-0500

Determine Drying, Curing Scaleup Requirements

Designed for laboratories and pilot plants that need to heat, dry or cure temperature-sensitive materials, Macrowave OmniTherm simulator can determine the scaleup requirements for actual production processes. The hybrid process heating simulator was developed to improve the quality and manufacturing efficiencies of products with nonuniform moisture content. It can plot, in real-time, the temperatures of multiple parameters such as heat, dwell time, power levels and the product's internal and surface temperatures.
Circle 391
Radio Frequency Co. Inc.
(508) 376-9555

Wide Temperature Test Chamber

Covering a temperature range of -299 to 752oF (-184 to 400oC), Model EC1-3W has a 1.37 ft3work volume. Features include advanced controller with two integral temperature probes for control and monitoring; capacity to store up to 10 programs; and built-in IEEE-488, RS232 and RS422.
Circle 394
Sun Electronic Systems Inc.
(321) 383-9400

Wiring Harness for Hot-Water Booster System

Quick-connect wiring package allows the company's hot-water boosters to be installed quickly. Technicians can mount the aquastat control and junction box in minutes, and a bronze circulator is supplied fully wired. The electrical terminal is connected from the circulator to the junction box and installation of the glass-lined or copper tank hot water booster system is complete.
Circle 450
Therma-Flow Inc.
(617) 924-3877

Electric Mats Reduce Heatup Time

External mat heaters can be installed on the outside of tanks. By covering 70 percent of the vessel surface area, they provide uniform heat. The factory-assembled mineral-insulated cable heaters on stainless steel hardware cloth are suitable for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D. They were used in one project to melt wax in two 70-gal tanks and raise its temperature to 250oF (121oC) in 6 to 8 hr.
Circle 397
Trasor Corp.
(918) 251-6079

Fully Jacketed Gear Pump

Offered in 11 sizes from 15 to 1,100 gal/min (3.4 to 250 m3/hr) at pressures to 280 psi (80 bar), internal gear pump can handle a range of fluids. Compared to standard pumps with only jacketed brackets and heads, it is supplied with jacketing around the perimeter of the rotor case, around the inlet and discharge throats and, on many sizes, throughout the flange areas. It withstands temperatures to 800oF (425oC) and handles viscosities to 2 million SSU (440,000 cSt).
Circle 398
Viking Pump Inc., A Unit of Idex Corp.
(319) 266-1741

Fluid Bed Cooler

Made from stainless steel in the process areas, cooler uses filtered ambient air or another low temperature source. The heart of the transport system is its logical drive mechanism, in which the cooler is supported on air bellows that are adjusted according to product requirements. The cooler is attached to the upper steel C beams, and the entire product bed is raised and moved forward within the cooler simultaneously.
Circle 298
Ventilex USA
(513) 398-8778

Sensor Sheath Material for High Temps

Hexoloy sintered-alpha silicon carbide (SASiC) displays superior physical, mechanical and corrosion resistance when compared to tungsten carbide, nickel-based superalloys and 99 percent aluminum oxide. Offered as a standard sheath material for RTD and thermocouple assemblies, the material is particularly suited for high temperature applications.
Circle 378
Conax Buffalo Technologies
(800) 223-2389