Organized by product types,Process Heating's Product Marketplace includes more than 300 product descriptions to aid in your quest for heat processing equipment.

If you're like me, you have more to do each day than you had in the past. E-mail and the Internet, while wonderful additions that have greatly improved productivity, take time from an already busy day. Computers, personal digital assistants, voice mail, overnight package delivery -- all have added to our ability to get more done, but they also mean you have more to do!

Given all that, who has time to travel to trade shows? While a valuable resource, trade shows have one drawback: They're usually not in your backyard. Well, here's a virtual trade show: our third annual Product Marketplace.

In this issue, you will find more than 300 product and literature descriptions as well as advertisements. And while the equipment, systems and supplies are available exactly as described, many also can be customized to suit your specific needs. That means if you think it might work, it's worth a call to the manufacturer to describe your application in detail. To make that easy for you, we've included phone numbers and web addresses with each of the product listings in this guide. You can put the Internet to work for you by going directly to the web sites of those companies in which you are interested. Or, if you would just like some literature for later, you can use the Reader Action Card bound in the physical copy of the magazine. We've made the Reader Action Cards good for the next 12 months.

More Online

If, after looking through the hundreds of products in this issue, you still can't find what you need, it may be that you don't know enough about your process to select a system yet. Have you performed product testing to determine the best way to process your product? If you haven't but would like to, we have a tool that will help: our Equipment Overview on Testing Facilities.

Available exclusively on this web site, the Equipment Overview lists the process optimization/process development capabilities of more than 90 process heating equipment manufacturers and universities with experience in heat processing. Whether you need help to perform basic and applied research, a facility to process pilot quantities of product for test marketing or testing to determine the best curing method, you can find suppliers and universities with expertise in your desired area using the Equipment Overview. To try it out, click on Equipment Overviews, then click on Testing Facilities.

See the process heating universe right at your desk. We don't offer frequent flyer miles, but we do promise a comprehensive review of, perhaps, just what you're looking for.