Improve heat transfer through your process by choosing among plate-and-frame and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, coils and heat transfer sufaces within this section.

Coil has Enhanced Fin Surface

To provide higher thermal efficiency for ammonia and steam coils, unit has a fin surface utilizing 0.875" OD tubes on a 2.25" equilateral pattern. The coil can be manufactured in three different configurations for design flexibility. The 0.875" tube performs well with ammonia or halocarbon refrigerants and is suitable for applications with low liquid-pressure drops or quick steam-condensate removal.

July 2001, RS# 311

Super Radiator Coils

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Heat Exchanger

Hybrid combines the performance of plate-and-frame units with the high pressure and temperature capabilities of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger design. The stainless steel unit is suitable for use in applications in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and thermal storage industries.

July 2001, RS# 321

Paul Mueller Co.

(800) 683-5537

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The enhanced turbulence created by its spiral plate design makes TherMax2 an efficient heat ex-changer. The unit has all-welded stainless steel construction and compact modular design. The heat transfer surface is a dimpled sheet that creates localized turbulence, resulting in high heat transfer rates.

July 2001, RS# 320

Process Technology

(440) 946-9500

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

From standard units to complete custom applications, shell-and-tube heat exchanger is offered in diameters from 2" to 10' and up to 30' in length. Heat exchanger can be manufactured in carbon and stainless steel or titanium, and TEMA-type and other specialized designs can be configured to suit process need.

July 2001, RS# 337

API Heat Transfer

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Fin-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

Model 727 is a liquid-to-air, copper fin-and-tube heat exchanger measuring 24 x 24 x 2.6". It is capable of dissipating 330 W for every 1oC difference between water and air entering the heat exchanger. Tubing and all manifold circuitry are constructed of copper mechanically bonded to a riffled and corrugated fin.

July 2001, RS# 313

Thermatron Engineering Inc.

(978) 687-8844

Process Heating Coil

The fin design on this process heating coil offers enhanced heat transfer performance with low air friction losses. Air, nitrogen, flue gas, carbon dioxide or other gas flows over the finned tube surface while steam, water, glycols, refrigerant or any other heat transfer fluid passes through the inside of the tubes. Coils are engineered and sized to meet customer specifications.

July 2001, RS# 310

Aerofin Corp.

(804) 845-7081

Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger

Terlotherm has one mechanical seal and uses minimal floor space. The vertical, scraped-surface heat exchanger can process complex and sensitive products such as sauces, food/dairy, creams, lotions, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It offers a large surface area and hinged top-cover design.

July 2001, RS# 314

Terlet Div., MPE Group USA

(856) 317-9960

Plate Heat Exchanger

Compabloc welded plate heat exchanger is designed without gaskets for operation in aggressive and high temperature environments. After removing side panels, all heat transfer surfaces are accessible for cleaning by hydroblasting. Unit is available in 316 stainless steel, titanium, tantalum and other alloys, and it can handle aggressive and fouling fluids.

July 2001, RS# 333

Alfa Laval Inc.

(804) 222-5300

Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers

Immersion coils, shell-and-tube, bayonet and custom-designed heat exchangers are offered with a temperature range from -40 to 280oF (-40 to 138oC). Manufactured from Solef PVDF, a pure crystalline fluoropolymer that will not contaminate process fluids, each exchanger design incorporates large diameter tubes to prevent plugging. Therme-Fuse welding of the tube to the tube sheet provides strong construction.

July 2001, RS# 315


(616) 948-3860

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers can be constructed in 8 through 12" dia. units in ANSI 150 and 300 designs. Each unit is built to ASME and TEMA standards and comes with certified drawings and calculations that can be thermally guaranteed using HTRI software. A number of material, bundle, tube-side pass and head options are offered.

July 2001, RS# 319

Southern Heat Exchanger

(205) 345-5335

Corrosion-Resistant Heat Exchangers

Diabon/Karbate heat exchangers have high strength, fiber-reinforced tubes for corrosion resistance. Shell-and-tube graphite designs are available up to 150 psig.

July 2001, RS# 317

SGL Acotec Inc.

(440) 572-3600

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Model ACPF uses ambient air to cool blower discharge air, utilizing a vacuum-brazed aluminum core. The air-cooled heat exchanger's free flow core design allows minimal pressure loss, and the nozzle design allows for field-changeable flow configuration and connection size and type.

July 2001, RS# 327

Greenwood Engineering Inc.

(952) 474-0415

Reactive Metal Heat Exchangers

Titanium, zirconium and tantalum heat exchangers are used in highly corrosive processes in chemical and petrochemical applications. Reactive metal heat exchangers are fabricated in temperature-controlled clean rooms in which air is filtered six to eight times per hour. Positive pressure is maintained at all times, and air is monitored for presence of free iron particulates.

July 2001, RS# 322

Joseph Oat Corp.

(856) 541-2900

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Welded end and primary seals on this stainless steel heat exchanger eliminate contamination. Unit has removable access panels to ease inspection and cleaning. Maximum operating temperature is 1,200oF (649oC).

July 2001, RS# 339


(800) 662-3966

Multizone Heat Exchanger

Platecoil multizone prime surface heat exchanger provides more efficient heat transfer than pipe coils or units with straight headers. The heat exchanger can be installed and removed from the tank side without emptying the tank. It is offered in standard and custom designs, including banks, shelves, troughs and curved clamp-on jackets.

July 2001, RS# 316

Tranter PHE Inc.

(940) 723-7125

Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

Consisting of two manifolds joined by a variable number of parallel tubes based on duty requirements, a spiral tube heat exchanger is formed when the assembly is coiled into a spiral or scroll. When the tube bundle is inserted into the shell, two fluid paths are created for full counterflow heat transfer.

July 2001, RS# 318

Sentry Equipment Corp.

(262) 567-7256

Cartridge Heat Exchanger

Suited for use in applications with temperature- or shear-sensitive product or exacting sterility requirements, Hydrohelix combines the features of several heat exchanger types into one design. Independent seals for product and media as well as thick walls provide resistance to cross-contamination. Compact design provides up to 250 ft2of surface area in 18.5 ft3. A single, unobstructed, constant-area product flow path minimizes fouling, facilitates clean-in-place procedures and maintains particle integrity.

July 2001, RS# 324

Hydro-Thermal Corp.

(262) 548-8900

Scraped-Surface Heat Exchanger

Model FT25BBB is a miniature-scale three-barrel scraped-surface heat exchanger that enables users to heat treat viscous food and pharmaceutical products up to 302oF (150oC). It is designed to use up to 5.5 gal/hr (20 l/hr) of product while replicating the full-scale process. Three stainless steel barrels provide preheat, final heat and cooling with variable holding times.

July 2001, RS# 332

Armfield Ltd.

(+44) 1425 478781

Tubular Heat Exchange System

Typical skid-mounted tubular heat exchange system has a triple-tube heater, triple-tube regenerator, multitube cooler with direct full flood ammonia and holding tube. Most systems also include controls, PLC, stainless steel balance tank and hot water-circulating unit. All components are piped with stainless steel, and the system is tested before shipping.

July 2001, RS# 328

Feldmeier Equipment

(315) 454-8608

Heating, Cooling Coil

Heat transfer surface is offered in a range of configurations to suit process applications such as intercoolers, aftercoolers, fan-cooled units, transformer oil coolers, waste heat recovery, motor and generator coolers, and ovens dryers. The code-compliant designs have air-tight casings, protective coatings and continuous plate fins.

July 2001, RS# 440

Industrial Heat Transfer

(608) 452-3259

Polyethylene Immersion Heat Exchanger

Calorplast heat exchanger has a five-row design that increases the heat transfer surface area over the previous design by 67%. The unit's all-plastic design offers corrosion-free heat transfer. Each heat exchanger is custom made from standard modular components and can include corrosion-resistant plastic hanging brackets and guards.

July 2001, RS# 326

George Fischer Inc.

(800) 854-4090

Heating and Cooling Coil

Designed to control the temperature of liquid inside a tank, heating and cooling coil can be designed as a grid, serpentine or U-coil. Construction material choices include carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium zirconium and niobium.

July 2001, RS# 440

MBA Manufacturing Co.

(847) 566-2555

Custom-Designed Heat Exchangers

Vulcanium plating systems offer custom-designed titanium and zirconium grid coil, serpentine coil or U-coil heat exchangers. Online coil design tool ensures proper application design.

July 2001, RS# 312

Vulcanium Corp.

(847) 498-3111

Heat Exchanger with Mixer

Kenics heat exchanger is equipped with static mixer element. Unit provides maximum transfer rates with viscous, difficult-to-process materials. Other features include design pressures to 10,000 psi; construction from all metals and alloys; x-ray, hydro, dye penetrant and halogen testing.

July 2001, RS# 329

Chemineer Inc.

(978) 687-0101

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers, reactors, vessels and pipe/pipe spooling are fabricated using stainless steel, titanium, zirconium and tantalum. Systems are suitable for the pulp/paper, chemical and petrochemical industries.

July 2001, RS# 335

Ellett Industries Ltd.

(604) 941-8211

Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger

Designed for heating or cooling liquids or slurries that have severe fouling potential, self-cleaning heat exchanger provides continuous high heat transfer rates. It is suitable for use with most aggressively fouling fluids.

July 2001, RS# 435

Klarex Technology

(281) 880-5188

Miniature Heat Exchangers

Available as tube-in-tube or shell-and-tube designs, miniature heat exchangers are constructed from 316L stainless steel. Sanitary models and custom designs are available.

July 2001, RS# 309

Exergy Inc.

(781) 294-8838

Air-to-Air Energy Recovery

Series 75 Z-Duct provides complete separation between airstreams. Modular, counterflow air-to-air energy recovery unit has removable clean-out panels that ease access to the heat transfer medium for inspection and cleaning. It can be specified with a nominal airflow rating ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 cfm. Materials and coatings can be employed to provide added corrosion protection.

July 2001, RS# 437

Des Champs Laboratories Inc.

(540) 291-1112

Glass-Lined Heat Exchanger

Suitable for use as an evaporator or condenser or for liquid-to-liquid heat transfer, glass-lined heat exchanger can be used at temperatures to 446oF (230oC). The compact unit has externally glass-coated U-tubes with a glass thickness of 0.02 to 0.032" (0.5 to 0.8 mm). It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

July 2001, RS# 436

Archon Industries Inc.

(914) 937-8030

Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers

Offered in both immersion coil and shell-and-tube designs, fluoropolymer heat exchanger designs range from small immersion units conceived to heat or cool a small sample to large shell-and-tube heat exchangers intended to heat or cool up to 500 gal/min of ultrapure or corrosive chemicals. The company's Q resin reportedly doubles the thermal conductivity of the polymer.

July 2001, RS# 334

Ametek, Chemical Products Div.

(302) 995-0400

Super-Alloy Heat Exchangers

Fabricated from Hastelloys, Inconels, duplex stainless steel, titanium, zirconium and carbon steel, these heat exchangers are suitable for paper, pulp and chemical processing industries. Each unit is designed according to TEMA nomenclature and is thermally and mechanically guaranteed if proper design information is supplied.

July 2001, RS# 325

Gaspar Inc.

(330) 453-7735

Heat Exchanger

CPK heat exchanger offers high thermal efficiency and rugged construction. A packed floating-tubesheet, removable-bundle design prevents fluid intermixing and allows for tube expansion. Shell diameters range from 3 to 31" and single- or two-pass channel designs are offered.

July 2001, RS# 336

ITT Standard

(716) 862-4061

Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Designed for heat recovery, heat exchanger offers options of tilt or face-and-bypass for temperature and frost control, inline configuration for enhanced dehumidification, and indirect evaporative cooling. A range of 1" ID integral finned aluminum tube heat pipes are offered with standard configurations up to eight rows deep, 28 tubes high and 20' long.

July 2001, RS# 330

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

(509) 684-2595


Steam, liquid heating, cooling and refrigeration coils are custom designed for specific application requirements. Copper, stainless steel or carbon steel tubes are offered with aluminum, copper, stainless steel or carbon steel fins.

July 2001, RS# 338


(800) 225- 4328

Custom-Designed Heat Exchangers

Custom-designed heat exchangers can be fabricated using materials such as carbon steel, copper, brass, 90/10 copper/nickel and stainless steel 304 or 316. Replacement tube bundles, straight or U-tube units also can be manufactured.

July 2001, RS# 323

Harris Equipment Corp.

(708) 343-0866

Hairpin Heat Exchanger

Offering both counter-current flow and extreme temperature crossing, Alco-Twin hairpin heat exchanger provides large surface area with small diameter. The unit is designed to handle extreme temperatures, wide temperature differentials and high pressures. Modular de-sign allows additional sections to be added to satisfy increased process requirements.

July 2001, RS# 331

Alco Products

(940) 723-6366

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchanger is constructed with carbon steel, stainless steel or nickel alloys. Other types of ASME pressure vessels also can be provided.

July 2001, RS# 439

Mason Mfg. Inc.

(217) 875-7708

Heat Transfer Equipment

Designed and manufactured to ASME and TEMA standards, heat transfer equipment is qualified in all ferrous and nonferrous materials. Custom design and fabrication is available. Equipment is suitable for pulp and paper, food and chemical applications.

July 2001, RS# 307

Harris Thermal

(800) 767-9507

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Designed for severe applications, custom shell and tube heat exchanger is engineered using design software and subjected to helium leak detection, which will find even small leak paths between the shell and tube sides. Undetected leaks can cause contamination problems.

July 2001, RS# 442

Fulton Enterprises Inc.

(905) 838-0303