Whether you need a burner that can be retrofit into an existing system or one that can fire a new system, you will find it here.

Fixed-Air Burner

ThermAir burner is a nozzle-mixing burner with a packaged air blower that is designed to fire with fixed combustion air over a wide gas turndown range. Fixed-air operation plus integral air and gas orifices ease setup and adjustment. Features include direct-spark ignition, simple gas control and multiple fuel capability. The burner is suitable for direct and indirect air heating.
Eclipse Inc.
(800) 800-3248

Burner Eliminates Leakage

Model APX eliminates burner leakage with its single-piece, extruded aluminum body design. Its leakproof construction has no joints to weaken it, providing reliable, long-lasting service. Deeper penetration and shorter flame lengths keep oven walls cooler. With its low maintenance, corrosion-resistant design, the line burner can be provided in packaged units up to 15' long with capacities up to 1 million BTU/hr-ft. Maxon Corp.
(765) 284-3304

Infrared Gas Burner

With turndown capabilities of 1:100 as well as single digit NOX and CO ratings, this infrared gas burner is flashback-, splash- and shock-resistant and can withstand very high temperatures. Flexible gas burner design is based on knitted yarns of Fecralloy (stainless steel alloy) fibers.
Bekaert Combustion Technology
(770) 514-2273

Direct-Fired Burner

Capable of providing up to 5.5 million BTU-hr-ft, direct-fired burner has stainless steel baffles to allow operation in outlet airstreams up to 1,000oF (538oC). Plain, raw natural or propane gas is delivered at low pressure directly to the burner ports. The arrangement and shape of the air holes in the baffles attached to the burner casting allow the proper amount of combustion air to be injected at all rates of firing.
Midco International Inc.
(773) 604-8700

Convection/Radiant Burner

Insta-Therm is constructed of a proprietary composition of ceramic fibers arranged in an array of circular mats on an air box. This configuration enables the burner to be fired in any orientation. Each burner is fabricated with a heat-resistant, high-density ceramic board.
RKDM Enviro-Energy
Services Inc.
(714) 952-2811

Low NOX Burner

CSB uses premixed, surface-stabilized combustion technology to provide users with a simple ultra-low NOX burner. Premixing the fuel and air ensures complete combustion with minimal generation of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons. Surface stabilization ensures reliable operation at the ultra-lean and high FGR conditions required to meet the most stringent NOX emission levels. Rugged all-metal construction makes the burner suitable for use in firetube boilers, watertube boilers and industrial process heaters.
Alzeta Corp.
(408) 727-8282

Gas Infrared Burner

Model QC-12 is supplied with the company's Series 2000 pilot system. IPQ-1 is mounted on the burner section closest to the gas inlet. MPQ-1 is mounted at the burner location farthest from the point of ignition and lit via flame propagation from the adjacent burner section.
Red-Ray Manufacturing Co. Inc.
(201) 943-1000

Raised-Port Ring Burner

Mid-sized cast iron burner has outputs that range from 50,000 to 500,000 BTU/hr. The ports are cast on the burner head and then drilled, producing short blue flames. The multi-ring Buzzer Model V-13 can be set to operate on natural gas or propane. Pilots, flame safety shut-off valves and other combustion control valves are available.
Charles A. Hones Inc.
(631) 842-8886