Here's what's happening on the World Wide Web.

VULCANIUM PLATING SYSTEMS, Northbrook, Ill., offers its online Coil Design Tool at The tool offers approximately 6,000 incremental style and material choices so you can address every detail of your plating operation.

On its web site at, WILKERSON INSTRUMENT CO. INC., Lakeland, Fla., offers its monthly newsletter, "The Wilkerson Transmitter," and includes articles archived on the site as PDF files. The revamped site includes online ordering of its transmitters for RTDs and thermocouples.

SensorCalc is a free, web-based program from MINCO PRODUCTS, Fridley, Minn., that allows users to create temperature and resistance tables for RTD sensors. Options include customizable coefficients for platinum sensors and RTD sensor type options to U.S. and global standards. The program also creates voltage-temperature tables for thermocouple sensors, interchangeability tables for standard RTD sensors and limits of error for thermocouples. The program is run from Minco's web site at