Familiar Products, New Name

SPX Corporation is proud to announce that its Lindberg, Lunaire, Blue M, Tenney, Gruenberg, Kayex and Lindberg MPH business units have officially become Thermal Product Solutions (TPS). This business re-structuring more clearly defines our product offerings and provides a number of opportunities to strengthen the combined businesses. More importantly, this consolidation enables us to offer superior services and thermal solutions to our customers. Our intent is to increase our value to customers by providing more diversified solutions to your thermal processing requirements.

The combined product lines manufactured by TPS feature:

  • Lindberg -- heat treat industrial furnaces

  • Blue M -- industrial ovens and environmental test equipment

  • Tenney/Lunaire -- environmental chambers and rooms, stability and shelf life products

  • Gruenberg -- custom industrial ovens and pharmaceutical sterilizers/dryers

  • Kayex -- crystal growing equipment

  • Lindberg MPH -- non-ferrous melting equipment/launder systems

To coincide with this restructuring, we have launched a new web site, www.thermalproductsolutions.com.

The new web site clearly defines the wide range of products offered under TPS. The site was designed with the customer's requirements in mind. Products can be researched by application, brand or market and include specifications and brochures available for download. Please visit our web site at www.thermalproductsolutions.com for more detailed information regarding TPS.