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Combustion Products
Pyronics Inc.

Cleveland-based Pyronics Inc.'s home page welcomes its visitors with a soothing blue flame, resembling the graphic used in its company logo, alongside some welcoming verbiage. Visitors can click on the easy-to-follow tabs located at the top of the page, which include products, sales contacts, the latest, company, contact us and home.

When you click on the products tab, you are taken to a page that offers categories of the company's products and more tabs that can translate the contents into seven languages.

No matter which tab you click, the left side of the site remains with the following choices: a link to the online catalog, a link to the newest product offering and news, and a link to virtual burner tours.

The latter link is quite interesting. It allows you to come as close to handling the product as you can get without actually touching it. You can turn the product around, open control panels and even zoom in to take a closer look at what is inside -- all by clicking your mouse or following the keyboard shortcuts offered on screen. This is a nifty tool, indeed!

In the company section, you can learn a bit of history about Pyronics, but also there are several links within the text that hyperlink you to products and other content mentioned.

The site is easy to navigate. Whether your process is direct or indirect fired, high temperature or low, this web site offers combustion systems, burners, valves, regulators and flame safeguards that might be right for your application.

Site Highlights

  • 360o interactive product tour

  • Translated into seven languages

  • Online catalog