Highlights of Honeywell's Web site include easy navigation, request for demos and technical data/spec sheets.

Measurement and Control

When you type Honeywell’s URL into your web browser, you are greeted by images of the company’s industrial measurement and control products as well as several smiling faces -- no doubt of Honeywell’s customer service staff. This page also offers a list of product categories from Minneapolis-based Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control, including process instruments, field instruments, analytical instruments and Wintriss machine control, that incorporates a list of products within each category.

When you click on the link for process instruments, for instance, you are taken to a page that describes application and sales support. Scroll down, and there is the option to view ads or request a demo. Scroll a little more, and there is a list of products within the process controls category with a large link button for each. The first button is for controllers. When you click on it, you are taken to a description of controllers, what they are best used for and their typical applications.

If it is temperature thermocouples you want information about, click on that button and you are taken to various types that the company offers. There is a description of each type, and under each description, there are links for technical specifications and a selection guide.

A feature that makes this site user friendly is that it uses a frame, or narrow section on the left-hand side of the web page, that contains the product list. The frame remains visible no matter which link you click. So, if you are looking up controllers and you decide you really want to view something about indicators, you do not have to navigate back; instead, just click on the “indicators” link in the frame.

In a narrow strip on the right side of the web page, you always have the option of clicking on “ez news,” Honeywell’s quarterly customer newsletter.

A horizontal strip along the top of the page is always there, too, offering drop-down menus with links to support, a site map, where to buy, industries served and Honeywell’s home page.

Site Highlights

  • Easy navigation

  • Request for demos

  • Technical data/spec sheets