This association of the leading equipment manufacturers is undergoing changes that will positively affect your company, reports publisher Doug Glenn.

If you work in a manufacturing plant with in-house thermal processes, you reap the benefits of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) daily. This association of the leading equipment manufacturers is undergoing changes that will positively affect your company.

New Management

Driven by the leadership of current IHEA president, John Cole of Kolene Corp., Goyer Management International, Cincinnati, assumed executive management responsibilities in July. Goyer Management is a proven association management organization with 14 years experience. Currently, it manages the 700-member Chemical Coaters Association International and the Powder Coating Show with its 250+ exhibitors and 4,000+ attendees. Anne Goyer, newly appointed executive vice president of IHEA, is a proven association management dynamo full of new ideas and resources. Only five months into her tenure, IHEA is already a different organization.


IHEA is growing quickly. Companies formerly members of the Infrared Equipment Association (IREA) have merged with IHEA and formed the Infrared Equipment Division (IRED). This new division broadens IHEA's reach and influence. More members also brings additional resources, perspectives and influence to IHEA.

Steve Fruth, Fostoria Industries, a member of both IHEA and IREA encouraged the joining of the two associations. The result will be nothing but beneficial to both organizations.


IHEA is going to focus on committees and "getting the work done." The goal is to enhance member benefits by focusing on the day-to-day work of the committees. An example of beneficial committee work is the detailed analysis of the newly released NFPA 86 guidelines released earlier in 2003. Ted Jablkowski, a key player on IHEA's safety standards and codes committee, invested untold hours to develop an extensive comparison and cross reference of the new standard with several previous editions. This analysis alone is an invaluable asset to IHEA members, who, in fact, submitted 75 percent of the changes to the new standard.

Watching Dimes

IHEA is reducing the cost while at the same time increasing the benefits of membership. Annual meeting fees are being cut by one-third to one-half. Venue and hotel selections are being made with cost and value in mind. Dues structures are being re-examined and other forms of revenue are being investigated. Like all businesses, IHEA is responding to the tight business climate of the past two to three years.

This eye on cost makes it easier for industrial heating equipment manufacturers to justify the cost of membership and increases the overall value of IHEA to each member company.

Behind every strong, vibrant industry is an association working for the good of the members and end users. In the thermal processing industry, that association is IHEA. IHEA helps heating equipment manufacturers serve their customers-- you, the captive thermal processors-- better. Find out more about IHEA at

Doug Glenn