Total domestic and foreign orders for industrial heating equipment, as reported by 16 members of the Cincinnati-based Industrial Heating Equipment Association for third quarter 2004, were $59.09 million. Compared to orders received and reported for the same period in 2003 by the same 16 companies, the revenue represents a 106.5 percent increase.

North American orders for this group's total industrial heating equipment for third quarter 2004 was $54.2 million, representing a 114.6 percent climb over the prior year's third quarter. Foreign orders for second quarter 2004 came in at $4.9 million, a rise of 53.5 percent compared to same-company results for 2003's second quarter.

Domestic industrial oven and furnace orders for third-quarter 2004 rose to $23.65 million, an increase of 220.4 percent compared to same-company results for third quarter 2003. Excluding ovens and furnaces, domestic equipment orders for process control systems, combustion equipment, replacement parts and other equipment types totaled $30.55 million for third-quarter 2004, a 30.9 percent increase over same-quarter 2003.