Protection from unplanned burner repair expenses beyond the standard one-year product warranty is now possible thanks to warranty programs introduced by Eclipse Inc., Rockford, Ill.

The supplemental warranty covers labor, travel time and travel expenses during the first year of equipment operation. The Supplemental Warranty is designed to run concurrently with the standard product warranty (parts replacement) to provide the customer with a complete protection package for the first year of operation.

Extended warranties are available in one-, two- and three-year increments to provide coverage for parts, labor, travel time and travel expenses upon expiration of the supplemental warranty and standard product warranty.

“These warranty programs protect our customers from unforeseen troubleshooting and repair expenses associated with equipment malfunction or failure,” says Michael Olmsted, director of global services. “Warranty customers also benefit from priority scheduling of on-site service calls and receive complimentary technical phone support.”

For more information on Eclipse's warranties, call (815) 877-3031 or visit