The combustion training seminar from Hauck Manufacturing Inc., Lebanon, Pa., scheduled for February 28 through March 2, has been completely revamped.

The burner maker will hold the sessions at its customer technical center in Cleona, Pa. Each day will cover a different level of combustion training, from basic to advanced, allowing the training to be customized to the skill level of the participant. Students may attend one, two or all three sessions, depending on their needs.

  • Day 1 will concentrate on combustion principles, including fundamentals, fluid flow, burner types and applications, flame safety and other basic topics.

  • Day 2 will cover more advanced combustion principles, including emissions, burner sizing, and air and fuel piping.

  • Day 3 will concentrate on problem solving using Hauck's Professional Version 3.0 of e-Solutions for Combustion, offered free to each Day 3 attendee.

    All sessions include hands-on exercises in Hauck's combustion laboratory demonstrating real-world combustion issues. Registration is $325 for one day, $500 for two days and $750 for three days. Contact Paul Palkovic at (717) 272-3051, extension 3178, or go to