Chillers and temperature control units maintain stable control at elevated temperatures.

HTF System Increases Energy Efficiency

HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) System is designed to deliver long-lasting performance and accurate temperature control, with heating capacities up to 96 kW per zone and temperatures up to 600oF (316oF). The energy-efficient unit preheats dies quickly to increase productivity. Heating and cooling capabilities reduce thermal shock and heat checking while extending die service life.
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Oil Temperature Control Units

Line of oil-circulating temperature control units includes compact and midsize units. The compact high temperature heat transfer system is suited for extruders, blow-molders and injection molders. It provides accurate, automatic and dependable control in temperature ranges from 100 to 400oF (38 to 204oC) with synthetic fluid. The midsize high temperature heat transfer system includes the company's M2B+ Microprocessor for higher accuracy and superior repeatability. It provide precise temperature control up to 550oF (288oC).

550oF Oil Unit

With an operating temperature to 550oF (288oC), hot-oil unit is available in single- or dual-zone designs. Heating capacity is 6 to 24 kW, and pumping capacity is 10 to 24 gal/min. With heating and cooling capabilities, the hot-oil unit has an electrical package built in accordance with NEC electrical code and with UL listed electrical components. The single-zone unit has a 24 x 16 x 46" footprint.
Delta T Systems
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Hot-Oil-Circulating Temperature Control Unit

Hot-oil unit will circulate and precisely control the temperature of oil flowing through your process. Maximum temperature is 450oF (232oC). The oil temperature is continuously monitored with one thermocouple located in the oil supply line, which relays any deviation from setpoint back to the controller. A three-phase, flanged, low watt density immersion heater heats process oil. Heaters are vertically mounted to eliminate bending and stress that could cause premature burn out and are electrically interlocked to prevent their operating if the pump is not running or if low oil pressure exists. A bypass circuit incorporated in the system ensures heater flooding if there is blockage in the process lines, thus eliminating the possibility of heater burnout.
QPC Systems Inc.
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Water Chillers

Manufactured for a range of industrial and commercial applications, water chillers provide a constant supply of chilled, recirculated water. Multi- compressor systems operate independently as required.
Rite-Temp Manufacturing
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Portable Chiller

Designed to provide up to 35,827 BTU/hr heat removal, DuraChill is suited for cooling plastic molding equipment, machine tools, lasers, printing presses, laboratory equipment, electronics or other process equipment. The small, portable unit is available with 1.5, 2 or 3 hp compressors with either air- or water-cooled condensers. For optimum process and equipment protection, it is equipped with user-adjustable temperature, pressure and flow rate alarms as well as an automatic condenser pressure cutout.
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Temperature Control Modules
Budzar World Alliance temperature control module includes features such as a 9, 12 or 18 kW heater with automatic air vent, a temperature range of 50 to 250oF (10 to 121oC) and temperature control within +/-1oF. Other features includes an Omron self-tuning PID controller, NEMA 1 enclosure, powder-coated cabinet, automatic air purge and a phase monitor.
Budzar Industries
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Rental Chillers
Line of rental chillers ranges in size from 10 to 1,500 tons. Air- and water-cooled chillers provide
emergency or temporary cooling. Typical applications include backup for failed equipment, new equipment delays, improvement of productivity and product quality, supplementation for an existing system, and
disaster recovery. Circle 218
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Water-Recirculating Temperature Control System
Chilling/heating unit incorporates the temperature control capability of a water-circulating temperature control system with a water-cooled chiller. The chiller and process heating/control systems are both mounted on a common base frame as a packaged-skid-mount system. All interconnecting piping and electrical connections between the chilling and heating loops within the skid system are included. One common main fused disconnect switch and splitter box is included to service both systems.
Spaltech International
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Temperature Control Systems
Water is typically used as the heat transfer medium in this company's temperature control units, but oil and direct steam heating are available. Systems can be incorporated into process applications such as inline heat exchangers (plate-and-frame, scraped surface, or shell-and-tube) or heating jackets that are an integral part of process vessel designs. Specialized control strategies may be provided for any of these applications that control temperature or flow rate. The system is designed and fabricated to include microprocessor-based controllers and pneumatic-modulating control valves. The use of digital readout sensors and function indicator lights are other features of a system designed to be user friendly.
A&B Process Systems
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