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Air-Cooled Hot Water Pump

Series RWA is designed for use with hot water, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Features include eight pumps sizes (ductile iron construction), capacities to 1,100 gal/min (250 m3/hr), heads to 425' (130 m), operating pressures to 450 psig (3,100 kPA) and maximum pumping temperatures to 400oF (204oC). The pump is a heavy-duty, horizontal end-suction, centerline-supported (yoke mount), back pullout design to ease maintenance. It includes a shaft-mounted fan to provide airflow over the pump's cooling fins. External water cooling is not required for the bearings and mechanical seal.
Dean Pump Div.
(317) 293-2930 or
(800) 801-9265

Air-Actuated Valve

Series 8000 has integral control, quick exhaust and a strong closing spring for reliable shut-off. The valve's compact design minimizes piping space requirements and includes a field-replaceable actuator rated for NEMA 1, 3, 3S, 4 and 12 (NEMA 4X pending). Body assemblies are offered in cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel, with internal trim options available for corrosive fluids and oxygen service.
Maxon Corp.
(765) 254-1114

Hot Oil Circulation Pumps

Magnetic-driven NMWR pumps are designed for hot-oil applications to improve plant and personnel safety in industrial heating plants. Its containment shell replaces any mechanical seal and saves maintenance costs because most pump failures are caused by leaking seals. Maximum operating temperature without water cooling is 800oF (427oC).
Dickow Pump Co.
(800) 880-4442

Dispensing Tanks and Pots

Suitable for use melting and dispensing waxes, adhesives, plastics, asphalt, pitch and other industrial compounds, dispensing tanks and pots utilize the company's “Even Heat” multiple-circuit, blanket-type element. Accurate, selective thermostat closely controls wall temperature. Dispensing can be accomplished through a heated hand-operated needle valve orifice.
Sta-Warm Electric Co. Inc.
(330) 296-6461

Condensate and Boiler Feed Pumps

Series 4300 has an energy-efficient 3,450 rpm motor to ensure efficiency while maintaining minimum motor horsepower. Offered in simplex or duplex construction, the feed pump employs heavy-gauge, 0.1875" steel receivers for long operating life. Features include bronze-fitted centrifugal pumps, automatic venting, heavy-duty float switch and a Sterl-Seal ceramic pump seal.
Sterling Steam Control Div.
(414) 354-0970

Pressure Reducer System

Pillarless construction and diameter-independent spring ranges are features of Predu. Additional features of the pressure reducer system include a screwed seat and a marginal seat, three exchangeable spring sizes, a balancing bellow and a sealing bellow, and easy change of spring and actuator.
Ari Valve
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Thermal System Integration
Thermal systems fully integrate high-limit devices and controls with process air heaters. Thermal system performance is optimized by combining the most appropriate high-limit device, process air heater and control.
Indeeco Controls
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Energy Recovery Systems
Secondary and tertiary heat recovery systems can help reduce operating costs. Heat recovery through the use of air-to-air heat exchangers or air-to-thermal fluid systems can be added to equipment to capture heat and return it to the process. Steam or hot/chilled water can be supplied through the addition of waste-heat boilers or absorption chillers. In areas where building heat is required, water/glycol systems can be installed to capture heat from the process and use it to preheat building makeup air.
Megtec Systems
(920) 336-5715

Thermal Mass Flowmeter
Inline flowmeter and probes have integral or remote microprocessor electronics. Model 6000 is designed for natural gas service. It has a noninvasive design, no pressure drop, a corrosion-proof design and end connections to suit the user's requirements.
Thermal Instrument Co.
(215) 355-8400

Self-Cleaning Water Filter
Filter protects heat exchangers and prevent clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages by removing dirt particles down to micron size, of any specific gravity, from once-through and recirculating cooling water systems. Line-pressure powered, the filter cleans itself without external power and does not interrupt system flow. It installs in any position and is available for flow rates from 10 to 10,000 gal/min.
Orival Inc.
(800) 567-9767

High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive
Ceramacast 586 can be used to assemble heaters, igniters, filters and other high-temperature components used in applications as high as 2,800oF (1,535oC). The ceramic adhesive and potting compound is a zirconium-silicate based, phosphate-bonded, chemically setting ceramic compound. The compressive strength is 8,000 psi and the coefficient of thermal expansion is 2.7 ppm/oF (4.9 ppm/oC).
Aremco Products Inc.
(845) 268-0039

Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration System
Inline filtration system cleans and maintains the efficiency of heat transfer fluids, thermal or hot oils. Filter housing uses proprietary filter elements that can withstand up to 750oF (399oC) system temperatures to enhance oil cleaning at elevated temperatures. Sentinel Series is a stand-alone system that will recirculate a portion of the fluid through the filter unit and discharge the clean fluid downstream into the main piping at a pressure higher than the system. Vector Series offers the same filtering capability except that it uses the existing system pump to recirculate the fluid from the pump discharge through the filter and then to the pump suction.
Liquid Process Systems Inc.
(704) 821-1115

Compact Air-Diaphragm Valve
HDV Series is constructed from PVC and has a PTFE diaphragm, making it suitable for deionized water and chemical applications. Intended for skid-mounted water and chemical distribution systems, the air-operated valve's compact design eases installation into small spaces.
Asahi/America Inc.
(781) 321-5409

Butterfly Valve and Actuator
HS Series valve and SY Series actuator have NEMA 4, 4X rating, so they do not need to be protected from wet environments. Other features include a seat and undercut disc design, phenolic stabilizing ring bonded to the back of the elastomer liner, easy-to-read position indicator located on the top of the actuator, and single-handed override system. An internal heater prevents condensation from forming beneath the actuator cover. Circle 367
Belimo Aircontrols (USA) Inc.
(877) 326-6027

Isolation-Flow-Control Flange
Check-Trol isolation-flow-control flange delivers minimal pressure drop, allows the circulator to be removed without draining the system and eases pump installation.
Bell & Gossett
(847) 966-3700

Fiber-Insulated Heaters
Fiber-insulated heaters are suited for use in applications to 1,000oF (538oC). Type FIH can generate power densities in excess of 4,000 w/ft2. Type RDI are designed to generate in excess of 5,000 W/ft2 at 1,000oF. Rigid ceramic fiber Type AXL or non-rigid ceramic fiber Type ZMAG-2300 are used to securely hold the resistance wire in place and to provide the needed insulation, all in one self-supporting package.
Zircar Ceramics Inc.
(845) 651-6600

Moisture Control System for Dryers
Moisture control system for dryers enables a minimum 30 percent reduction in the standard deviation of the moisture of products exiting industrial dryers and ovens. Improved moisture control reduces the moisture level, allowing the mean moisture content to be shifted upward without exceeding the established upper moisture limit.
Drying Technology Inc.

Steam Traps
Series N650 and S650 are designed for use on steam tracing, drip legs, unit heaters, cooking equipment, air vents, platen presses, plating tanks, sterilizers and other process equipment. Offered in 0.5 or 0.75" sizes with NPT or socketweld end connections, the thermostatic and thermodynamic steam traps can handle pressures to 650 psig and temperatures to 800oF (427oC).
Nicholson Steam Trap
(800) 210-1300

Top Entry Mixer
Designed for large-volume processing, Model TM-200 takes advantage of the curvature of the Hydrofoil impeller to produce an increased liquid flow per horsepower. This reportedly reduces operating costs, particularly when coupled with standard three-phase TEFC motors. All wetted sections are equipped with 316 stainless steel parts for corrosion resistance.
Indco Inc.
(800) 942-4383

Pump Handles High-Temperature Fluids
MPH Series is engineered for low-flow, high-head, high-temperature applications. The close-coupled, sealless, magnetically driven pump provides efficient fluid handling at temperatures up to 536oF (280oC) and does not require cooling water. It has a finned frame adapter for effective heat dissipation. Using 1 to 5 hp motors depending on the model, the pump handles flows to 150 gal/min and heads to 190'.
Magnatex Pumps Inc.
(713) 972-8666

Fluidized Bed Cleaning System
Cleaning system removes coatings from all types of hardware and parts without leaving a carbon residue. Absolute temperature control and thermal uniformity permits cleaning of complex critical hardware with minimal risk of distortion or metallurgical damage. The use of fluidized bed technology permits thorough cleaning of fully assembled components.
Procedyne Corp.

Pilot-Operated Pressure Regulator
Model ED208 consists of the company's Type E pressure-reducing valve, the Type D208 electric actuator pilot with electronic time controller and either a temperature or pressure pilot. The pressure-reducing valve provides controlled slow opening and closing as well as pressure or temperature regulation. Circle 375
Spence Engineering Co. Inc.
(800) 398-2493

Continuous Or Batch Magflowmeter
Designed for filling and dosing operations, Type 8055 full-bore magflowmeter can be used in sanitary food/beverage processes, pharmaceuticals manufacturing and water treatment applications. Combined with a valve as the actuating element, the magflowmeter controls precision dosing and filling operations.
(949) 223-3100

Combined Oxygen and Combustibles Analyzer
Thermox WDG-IVC can be used for a three-month “test drive.” The evaluation provides power and process boiler operators with an opportunity to compare side-by-side the reliability and speed of response of the combination analyzer vs. conventional oxygen-only in-situ probes. The evaluation also provides an opportunity to evaluate and trend the combustibles measurement for potential process efficiency improvements, fuel savings and reduced atmospheric emissions.
Ametek Process & Analytical Instruments
(412) 828-9040

Flammability Analyzer
PrevEx flammability analyzer can lower oven and dryer heating costs in processes that use solvents.
Control Instruments Corp.
(973) 575-9114