IHEA Conducted Its 2000 Safety Standards Seminar in Chicago.

The Industrial Heating Equipment Association held its safety standards seminar on May 1-2, 2000, in Chicago to discuss changes to NFPA Standards 86, 86C and 86D. The 1999 revision of NFPA 86, Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, prepared by the Technical Committee on Ovens and Furnaces, issued changes to standards effective July 22, 1999. IHEA hosted the seminar to offer people working with heat processing equipment an opportunity to better understand the NFPA standards governing industrial ovens, dryers and furnaces.

Among the regulations discussed were a general overview of the changes issued; combustion equipment and control; special atmosphere furnaces; oven safety equipment; quench and molten salt bath furnaces; and fuel systems. Other topics of discussion were loss prevention from an insurers' perspective; location, construction and heating systems; and changes to safety equipment and application.

Changes to the guidelines were made at the National Fire Protection Association meeting held May 17-20, 1999. In an effort to prevent explosions and fires that result in loss potential for life, property and production, the rules are re-viewed every four years. Rules and methods applicable to the safe operation of fuel-fired and electric heat utilization equipment are the focus of the standard.