Eurotherm’s Continental line of relays, contactors and I/O modules will be manufactured from the Invensys plant in Reynosa, Mexico.

The manufacture of Eurotherm’s Continental line of solid-state relays, solid-state contactors and I/O modules has been moved from Alberta, Canada, to Reynosa, Mexico.

“We’re fortunate to have access to the manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art facilities of our parent company, Invensys. Taking advantage of this opportunity is good for our customers and the company,” said Mikael Le Guern, global product manager for Continental.

The new manufacturing site is expected to bring the following positive changes:

  • Improved deliveries to contracted distributors.
  • Reductions in the cost structure that will permit the continuation of the company’s competitive position in the market.
  • Improved engineering resources that will foster the development of new products.
Eurotherm’s Leesburg, Va., facility remains the operating headquarters for Continental, and Continental’s global sales and marketing functions will continue to be managed from this location. The Leesburg staff also will oversee research and development efforts and new product introductions.