Food tray technology allows the whole profiling system, including product, to be placed onto a moving conveyor in one step.

Obviously, any HACCP protocol should be made as easy to implement as possible to ensure that it is maintained routinely. Features such as real-time monitoring and food-tray technology can help accomplish this goal.

Real-Time Radio Frequency Monitoring.One of the most effective technological advances is the availability of real-time monitoring of a process. A datalogger can be equipped with a radio telemetry transmitter that sends the recorded temperature data directly from the oven back to the PC. With this feature, the exact product temperature can be identified at any point in the process. Using such information, problems can be identified immediately. For batch-type processes, the exact moment that a safe cook has been achieved, the unloading and reloading of an oven can be started to help minimize unnecessary over cook and maximize productivity.

Food Tray Technology.The more often a profile is performed on a processing line, the more confidence there is regarding the operational control. To help ease regular profiling, a food monitoring system can be complimented by a food tray accessory. The aim of the tray is to allow the whole profiling system, including product, to be placed onto a moving conveyor in one step. Products such as chicken nuggets are positioned onto the thermocouples that are permanently mounted on the tray. In this way the product being measured is held securely, limiting the risk of probes moving or pulling out of the product. The product position relative to the oven is also kept consistent from run-to-run helping with process control activities. This eliminates the need to stop the line in an effort to place the profile equipment onto the mesh belt and position the product portions across it to remove any lost production time, therefore maximizing productivity on the line.