Manufacturers of boilers and snow-melt systems rely on compact brazed plate heat exchangers to meet design objectives. Standard “P” types offer AISI 316L stainless steel plates and connections with copper brazing. Units are rated for 450 psig at 383oF (195oC). Principal system design includes a primary heat source such as a boiler and a secondary loop such as a snowmelt circuit. Sanitary instant hot water also can be produced from this system with the use of appropriate controls. ParaBrazed plate heat exchangers have no gaskets, tie bars, top or bottom bars. The individual plates are permanently brazed together in a vacuum furnace, which produces a compact heat exchanger without gaskets. The interlocking corrugations provide numerous contact points and form a complex channel system, through which the media flows with vigorous turbulence, ensuring that the smallest possible plate size is capable of maximum possible heat transfer.

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