Heatec has made a technical paper, “Heating, Mixing and Storing Modified Asphalt,” available as a free download in PDF format from www.heatec.com.

The paper explains how polymer-modified asphalt cement (PMAC) is mixed, what type of equipment is needed, and how heating and storing techniques differ from virgin asphalt cement. The paper also covers how styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) and ground tire rubber (GTR) mixing systems work.

According to the paper, “The day-to-day handling of the PMAC material will be a totally new experience for most people. The polymers and the liquid AC have a tendency to separate. So, the real challenge is to keep them stored in a homogenous mixture until they can be used.”

To download T-133, visit the Tec-Notes section of Heatec's web site.