At the new Boral Bricks plant in Oklahoma, the bricks will dry for 30 hours and be fired for 30 hours.

A manufacturer of brick and pavers, Boral Bricks Inc. has opened a 165,000 ft2manufacturing facility in Union City, Okla. The new plant, an estimated $34 million investment for the company, is expected to produce 100 million king-sized bricks annually, increasing Boral's overall brick manufacturing capacity in the U.S. by 6 percent. The facility will supply brick to customers throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, eliminating the cost of shipping to these states from the company's East Coast facilities.

The heat processing equipment at the Union City plant was provided and installed by Harrop Industries, Columbus, Ohio. The dryer and kiln are used to dry and fire the clay into vitrified, durable, first-quality face brick. Capacity is 100,000,000 standard brick equivalents per year. The equipment boasts state-of-the-art fuel efficiencies, production quality and environmental standards.

Roughly 158,348 tons of clay will move thorough the plant per year. During production, the bricks will dry for 30 hours and be fired for 30 hours. The top process temperature is 1,750oF (954oC).

“This state-of-the-art plant enables us to better support the robust housing markets in the region,” said Emery Severin, president of Boral USA. “By increasing supply and decreasing shipping costs, the brick produced in this facility will benefit the builder market and the end user.”

The Union City plant will employ approximately 50 people from the area, including two production shifts and truck drivers for transport. In addition, contract carriers will be sourced for out-of-state deliveries, totaling about 50 to 70 trucks per day.