Pittsburgh-based Chromalox has received Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Article 1 third-party approvals on its immersion and circulation heater designs and manufacturing methods within its U.S. facilities. Global companies servicing European markets can now source electric-fired boilers, circulation heaters and flanged immersion heaters from Chromalox in North America, regardless of ASME or PED requirements.

All pressure equipment greater than 7.75 psi that is shipped to a member state of the European community must comply with the requirements of the directive. Specifically, Article 1 of PED defines vessel type equipment as “a housing designed and built to contain fluids under pressure, including its direct attachments up to the coupling point connecting it to other equipment.” A vessel may be composed of more than one chamber.

Pressure equipment is classified in one of five categories: SEP, Category I, Category II, Category III, and Category IV. The conformity assessment procedures to be applied to pressure equipment that is intended to be CE marked are determined by the category. Chromalox has the capability to provide a conformity assessment module for all categories.

Though Chromalox has had PED certification in its European manufacturing locations for some time, this expanded capability will enable its U.S. customers to purchase process-critical parts for European applications. According to the company, Chromalox is the only industrial heater manufacturer in the United States to offer this type of global approval.